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 Regarding Moderators....

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PostSubject: Regarding Moderators....   Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:04 pm

I have a message regarding Moderators. I've recently noticed a few of the current moderators have been absent from the forum for quite some time (1 & 2 months). For moderators to be successfully moderating the forums they have to be active with the community. So I've decided to give the current "missing Moderators" one week to respond from the time of this posting before there Moderator privileges are removed. If the Moderators show up back up, either through re-posting on the forums or PMing me they will keep their Moderator status. If they fail to show within the weeks period I will suspend their privileges and give them and extra month to get back into the swing of things before permanently removing their permissions.

Sorry for any burden, but we need active moderators especially since the site is growing.

The Admin
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Regarding Moderators....
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