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 PDF's of 4e books

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Heroic Adventurer

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PostSubject: PDF's of 4e books   Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:51 pm

Noticed last week that www.dndclassics.com now has the Rules Compendium, MM2, and MM3 available as PDF's.
As 4E books go out of print, I'm really hoping to see more as more available this way. (Although the price they have is a bit steep for a PDF, imho.) AV was on there when they started the site, but disappeared soon after. There are a number of 4E books that I don't have that I would like to get, and wouldn't mind if it is PDF.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you think we will see more?
Is the used book market better? Cheaper?

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Heroic Adventurer
Heroic Adventurer

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PostSubject: Re: PDF's of 4e books   Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:26 pm

I think it ends up being a personal preference.  I like to have the actual books of the sources I use on a regular basis for my games.  The sources that I don't use very often that I want for checking references on the different variations of options, I have no problem with the PDFs.  The only other rule I have on this is I want all my adventure packs published because they usually come with tokens, maps, and other additional goodies that help with my players experience in game-play.

As for whether the used book market is better or not, It depends on the book.  Since WotC stopped producing material, some of the prices of the stuff with higher demand or higher rarity have gone up.  Many of the other products have either gone down in price or stayed the same.  So I would say do some hunting on Amazon.com, Ebay, Barns and Nobel, Books-A-Million, ect and cross compare prices.
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0th-Level Adventurer

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PostSubject: Re: PDF's of 4e books   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:13 pm

I'm glad I have my most used 4e books as physical copies...I checked Amazon a few times a while back. Most are reasonably priced for new copies. Especially the essentials line. Some are over the top, however. The 4e Dark Sun Campaign setting (new) is listing for 50 bucks or so. It's other half, the DS creature catalog, is still a good buy however. And I'd highly recommend it even if you don't play DS.
The monster entries use the newer layout and math (MM3 and essentials style) and there's a lot of good beasties as well as traps, monster mods, unique 'boss' type monsters, even environmental hazards.

You can find just about any D&D book, from any edition, in pdf form with a google search. But, downloading them and/or sharing them might not be legal. If you don't mind pdfs of questionable quality and legality...They're all free and pretty easy to find.

I'd also recommend amazon for 4e stuff, and if you live in a decent sized city, check the used book stores and LFGS's. If 4e isn't at all popular among the crowd at your local game store; anything they have left might be 50% off or something. Personally, I have every 4e book. Although, 3/4ths of my collection only exist digitally. I definitely prefer physical books over pdfs; but that's mostly because I don't own a tablet. And I love the monster vault and its cardboard tokens. If all 5e MMs are boxes with a book and thick sheets of double-sided tokens...That'd be WotC's smartest decision since making 4e the way they made it. (IMO).
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PostSubject: Re: PDF's of 4e books   

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PDF's of 4e books
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