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 Vindictus shows awesome martial combatants / multi-target attacks the key

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PostSubject: Vindictus shows awesome martial combatants / multi-target attacks the key    Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:59 am

I recently played an mmo - one of the archetypes is a sword and board fighter ... but really they are a grappling fighter who happens to be shown with a shield (it conveniently vanishes a lot). The character has moves which include grabbing picking up and kicking an enemy into another enemy (usually killing both and possibly knocking back others) other moves include throwing enemies knocking down and back multiple others (bowling down mooks) and smashing enemies against the ground or walls very vividly. The character can also manage big effects by hurling a boulder or exploiting various pieces of the scenery.

And the fighting feels damn awesome point is there seems to be very few of her attacks (a lunge thrust for instance) which targets only one enemy the rest are very much you can take down multiple enemies, in effect if you have enough enemies going 6 seconds without harming large numbers of them is unlikely.

The games fighter is virtually a multi-target grappling smashing lawn mower

How would you evoke that in 4e?

I would like a berserker style move that damaged any enemy which were adjacent to you during the following round...(not just when they start there turn next to you and not just enemies - ie berserks can harm and threaten allies its a trope.)

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One suspects Lugh Long-hand Samildánach (a wright/carpenter, a sailor, a smith/bronze craftsman, a healer, a champion, a harpist, a poet/historian, a sorcerer, cupbearer) would agree.
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Vindictus shows awesome martial combatants / multi-target attacks the key
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