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 Evaluation needed: Variant Martial-only Skald

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PostSubject: Evaluation needed: Variant Martial-only Skald   Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:32 am

I've been doing some number-crunching work for a new campaign and one of the potential needs is going to be for a simple leader more in line with a Scout or Elementalist with little to no off-turn actions for them to manage.

One of the things we'd already laid out were some tweaks to the mixed-source classes (Executioner, Berserker, Skald) for them to be 'martial only' (the world we're running with limits non-martial power sources by race... only elves can take divine classes because they're the only ones who still have gods for example) and last night while trying to find a simple leader-class that would fit the region the PC's will be in it occurred to me that if you simply swapped out a Skald's encounter powers for something more akin to a leader-flavored power strike, you'd practically have an E-Warlord.

So here's my plan for a Martial-Only Skald based on the examples of the Knight, Slayer, Scout and Thief.

-Drop all the encounter attack powers and they can select their At-Will and Daily Attacks only from the Skald lists (i.e. basic attack modifiers and encounter-long effects added to the Skald's Aura).
-At level 1 you gain Inspiring Strike which triggers on a hit with a basic weapon attack with the following effect; the effect of your at-will attack to apply to every ally within your aura (instead of just one ally within your aura) and one ally within your aura can make a basic attack against a target of your choice.
-At level 3, you get a second use of Inspiring Strike.
-At level 7, when you use Inspiring Strike each ally can also make a saving throw against one effect that a save can end.
-At level 13, you gain a third use of Inspiring Strike.
-At level 17, the granted basic attack inflicts [1W] extra damage.
-At level 23, You gain an extra use of Skald's Aura each encounter (level 23 grants a non-attack benefit).
-At level 27, the granted basic attack inflicts [2W] extra damage.

Again the core idea is a simple E-style class with minimal off-turn actions. Any critiques or ideas for improvement would be most appreciated.
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Evaluation needed: Variant Martial-only Skald
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