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 CharGen: the Minigame

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PostSubject: CharGen: the Minigame   Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:03 pm

So I've been discussing the chargen minigame on another forum; one poster apparently missed its inception during the 3e era, and wants to know how it's played. Anyhow, I realized how little I've played the minigame with 4e, and how I might go a long time before being a 4e player again. So I decided to crack open my books this weekend and have at it!

I basically found everything dragon-y that I could mash together, and did. Dragonborn? Check. Dragon-y magic? Check. Dragon wings? Check. Epic draconic badassery? Check! I didn't get around to picking non-essential gear, even though a true chargen minigamer would probably tell me that I fail. No Oh well, I'm not into shopping.

Anyhow, I thought it'd be fun to share, and to talk about whatever builds others have come up with. So feel free to comment and share your own!

Draco McDragon of Dragon’s Keep in Dragonshire (Whaddya want from me? Like I said, it's a simple concept.)
30th Level Male Dragonborn Sorcerer
Build: Dragon Sorcerer
Paragon Path: Ninefold Master
Epic Destiny: Avatar of Io

Abilities, gear, skills, & feats:


Racial, Paragon Path, & Epic Destiny Stuff:


Combat Stats:




So Draco's not optimized, but I think I'd have a blast playing him. Literally. Very Happy   ...Well with a different name and a story, at least.

Some of the dragon-y options I chose happen to synergize very well with each other, like the feats that add pretty darn amazing riders to Draco's dragon breath -- each rider requires that he be able to breathe a different element, but not that he actually breathe any particular element when he exhales. Which makes Breath Mastery a great synergy enabler. Weaken and debuff everyone that Draco hits with his breath, while buffing allies instead of dealing collateral damage? Yes please!

But a couple of the dragon-y things would be a bit awkward during the level-up process. Like the Dragon Soul trait, which I'd naturally want to use to get resistance from whatever element Draco breathes as a 1st level character, and Draconic Resistance, which grants a second elemental resistance, but specifies that this resistance must match Draco's breath weapon. And this is at 16th level, before Breath Mastery kicks in and allows me any second choices. So if I decided that Draco breathes, say, lightning at character creation, I'd have to either choose a non-lightning Dragon Soul resistance at 1st level, or do some feat juggling at 16th-21st to mimic the Breath Mastery trait.

Jolly 4e grognard. Smile
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CharGen: the Minigame
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