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 List of Unearthed Arcana Issues of Dragon/Dungeon.

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Felorn Gloryaxe
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PostSubject: List of Unearthed Arcana Issues of Dragon/Dungeon.   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:50 pm

As it seems that I will never get my Hardcover Unearthed Arcana I want to download and print all the issues of Dragon/Dungeon Magazine that have Unearthed Arcana articles in them.

These are the issues I have:

Dragon 394 (Awakened Psion)
Dragon 395 (Strongholds)
Dragon 396 (Fight or Flight)
Dragon 397 (Henchmen)
Dragon 398 (Gambling/Strange Gods)
Dragon 399 (Speedy Combat)
Dragon 401 (Wrestling/Jousting)
Dragon 403 (0th level)
Dragon 404 (Honor)
Dragon 412 (Ships)
Dragon 420 (Ghost Rules)
Dragon 421 (Multiclassing Rules)
Dragon 422 (Building Characters)
Dragon 423 (Alternate Play Styles)
Dragon 424 (Achievements)
Dragon 425 (Combat Options)

Dungeon 182 (Curses)
Dungeon 201 (Aliens)
Dungeon 204 (Death & Danger)

Are there any issues I am missing?


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List of Unearthed Arcana Issues of Dragon/Dungeon.
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